Learning SQL

Hey how are you?

What steps should I take to become a SQL Developer?


If I was just learning, I would start by installing the SQL Server Express edition locally (free):


It should come with a number of tutorials and walkthroughs.

From there, I’d recommend looking at the MCTS Certification. It’s the baseline certification for those new to SQL Server:


In particular, 70-433 is all about database development.


If you look over the Skills Measured, you’ll get a good feel for what a typical SQL Developer needs to know. Under Preparation Materials you’ll find a number of resources, including eLearning and MSPress training kits. Typically you can find the training kit books on the cheap at amazon.com, because once someone has passed the cert, they don’t have a need for it anymore.

I’m not saying you should get the certification. It’s just a good way to have an outline and an ultimate goal. The learning material will also be a bit more structured this way.

Hope this helps!

// Dave

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